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Meet Our Founder

Barb Blakeslee Beck

Barbara Beck, M. Ed., author and founder of MyKeyPlans, has developed a highly effective person-centered program, which is the first step toward supported progress in transition services. My Transition Portfolio is unique in its design and is a long-awaited platform for students, teachers and parents alike. It has the potential to change the way we view transition planning for young adults with disabilities by way of an invitation into the invaluable process of developing their own dream.

Barbara Beck has been teaching special education for over 25 years with an emphasis in adult transition services for students ages 18-21.  Her degrees in Speech Language Pathology and Special Education have enabled her to engage students and their families in providing positive post-school outcomes. She is continually working with teachers and teams to provide planning tools toward enhanced programming and success for students and staff alike. 


My Transition Portfolio is her response to answering some of the important questions raised when trying to bridge the gap from research to practitioner. It provides a great process in transferring person-centered information between secondary schools and adult service agencies.  Barb’s efforts both within and outside the classroom are continually focused on finding ways for students to be known, heard, and celebrated for their unique contributions to their communities.

Barb Blakeslee Beck

Mission Statement

MyKey Plans for Special Education exists to support students, teachers and support teams toward positive post-school outcomes in education, employment and independent living. My Transition Portfolio offers a comprehensive approach to addressing the transition needs of students within secondary settings. Student portfolios are created and explored through the use of a student workbook, teacher lesson plans and digital resources leading toward positive post-school outcomes. Emphasis is provided on guiding students systematically toward self- determination and self-advocacy skills, as they take their own volitional steps and make themselves known. Centered on intuitive prompts that have been proven to break down even the most difficult of communication barriers, My Transition Portfolio is a comprehensive companion guide specifically developed to unlock self-determination in young adults.


A series of 14 Keys like: Know Yourself Well, Find Careers that Match You and Lead Your Own IEP are each developed to draw out individual preferences and in turn create opportunities rooted in systematic goal-setting.

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