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Launch Buddies

by MyKey Plans

How it Works



Young adults living with disabilities who want to learn video production while connecting with buddies who are also launching plans for community inclusion and independent living.



Our buddies use the plans they develop in the KEYS found in My Transition Portfolio as a framework for their community integration.  They reflect, develop and execute their plans through writing scripts and creating media to highlight their experiences.



In-person and online classes are available through MyKey Plans sign-ups. School-based and community-based meeting spaces are identified and utilized to allow for collaboration and video creation.



Quarterly (10-week) 2 hour coaching sessions with peers, establish plans and create motivational video content for highlighting and maintaining social connections



Launch Buddies exists to support individuals with disabilities in creating transition plans and maintaining lasting social connections promoting inclusion in schools and the greater community.



Crew members join a class and utilize social skills to share their plans for community inclusion through media production.  Skills are developed in the appropriate use of technology.

"My son joined Launch Buddies in September 2022, and I can confidently say that it has been the most valuable program he has experienced throughout his school years and young adulthood. As a teenager with social anxiety, joining peer groups has always been challenging for him. However, thanks to Barb's intuitive, empowering, inviting, and heartfelt communication, he has eagerly attended every Saturday morning session of the program.

My son has always had a keen interest in video production, editing, podcasting, and blogging. In the past 9 months alone, he has created countless videos and written numerous scripts. Today, he proudly serves as a co-host of the Launch Buddies Podcast. Barb has a unique ability to empower each young adult, recognizing and nurturing their individual strengths and abilities like I have never witnessed before.

Since joining this class, my son has grown more accepting of his neurodivergent identity. He now appreciates his peers' strengths and the importance of their presence. Living in a community and society with predefined standards and norms can be incredibly challenging for neurodivergent individuals. However, through Barb's guidance, my son has gained a new sense of self and has realized his true potential. He has been accepted to Bellevue College and now believes he is capable of achieving far more than he ever imagined.

Barb, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing gift you have given to my family. Your dedication and passion have truly set the stage for my son's personal and academic growth. We are forever grateful."

Annette F.

Parent Testimonial

Launch Buddies

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Stories of Launch Buddies Success

See how our students engage with creating media as part of the launch buddies curriculum. 

Darien Watson

Darien Watson, co-host of "The Launch Buddies" podcast, is a remarkable young adult living with high-functioning autism and managing anxiety disorders. Darien's personal journey has fueled his passion to become a motivational speaker, inspiring others to embrace a life of boldness despite disabilities.With a steadfast commitment to personal growth and resilience, Darien has achieved significant milestones.For the past six years, he has excelled as a data entry specialist, demonstrating his dedication and reliability in a full-time position. Through this employment, Darien has not only honed his professional skills but has also thrived in learning to live independently and develop essential life skills.
Darien's captivating and inspiring voice shines through in his role as co-host of "The Launch Buddies" podcast.With authenticity and relatability, he shares his experiences, challenges, and triumphs, offering a unique perspective on navigating life with autism and managing anxiety disorders. Darien's ability to connect with his audience and convey his message of empowerment makes him an engaging and impactful motivational speaker. Join Darien and his co-host on "The Launch Buddies" podcast as they explore topics of personal growth, resilience, and embracing one's true potential. Through his remarkable journey and unwavering determination, Darien serves as an inspiration to individuals of all abilities, encouraging them to live life with boldness and pursue their dreams.

Andrew F.

Andrew F., Co-Host of The Launch Buddies Podcast! Andrew fearlessly embraces life with high-functioning autism and anxiety, bringing a unique perspective to our heartfelt discussions. Join us as we uncover remarkable stories of young adults navigating life with disabilities and striving for independent living. Through Andrew's personal experiences and insights, we offer relatable guidance and inspiration to our listeners. Andrew provides authentic storytelling, shedding light on the triumphs and challenges faced in his own life. Don't miss Andrew's empowering contributions on The Launch Buddies Podcast!

Ariana D.

Ariana D., a vibrant Buddy on "The Launch Buddies" podcast, is an exceptional young adult embarking on an exciting journey as she has been accepted into the prestigious Judson University's RISE program, a post-secondary educational supportive opporunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

near Chicago. A natural people person and social connector, Ariana radiates inspiration and possesses an extraordinary zest for life. Her vibrant spirit and unwavering determination make her a beacon of positivity and a powerful advocate for inclusivity and accessibility. Join Ariana and her fellow buddies on "The Launch Buddies" podcast as they share their remarkable stories, dreams, and empower listeners to embrace their own unique paths with resilience and joy.

Sam L.

Sam L., one of the inspiring buddies on "The Launch Buddies" podcast, is a remarkable young adult set to graduate from the Adults Transitioning to Independence program this year. With a deep passion for art therapy, Sam finds solace and support while navigating life with autism. Known for his humor, insights, and

inspirational nature, Sam's vibrant personality is fueled by a wealth of ideas and thoughts on self-determination and self-advocacy. Join Sam and his fellow buddies on "The Launch Buddies" podcast as they share their experiences, wisdom, and uplifting stories, making a profound impact on listeners worldwide.

Bryce S.

Bryson S., an integral member of The Launch Buddies team, brings his quiet compassion and thoughtful nature to the forefront as he fearlessly breaks down barriers in life. Serving as our behind-the-scenes technology support provider, Bryson's skills are centered on empowering others. A talented writer, he seizes
opportunities to uplift and encourage those who are navigating their own journey towards a vibrant and engaged social life. With his unwavering dedication and unwritten acts of kindness, Bryson embodies the essence of inclusivity and plays a pivotal role in fostering a supportive community. Join Bryson and The
Launch Buddies on their remarkable journey as they inspire, support, and celebrate the triumphs of individuals from all walks of life.

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