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About MyKey Plans

Our Mission

We give parents and teachers the map they need to guide students' transition into adulthood.

We strive to prepare young people for their future. We do this by supporting a successful transition from childhood to adulthood by focusing on the needs of the individual and helping families and teachers create impactful transition plans. 

About our Founder

Barbara Beck is a highly dedicated Disability Advocate and Special Education Consultant specializing in IEP Transition Services. With an extensive background as a special education teacher spanning over 28 years, Barbara has dedicated her career to empowering transition-age youth and fostering positive post-school outcomes. 

Barbara's expertise lies in providing comprehensive support and guidance to students with disabilities, ensuring their successful transition from school to adult life. She possesses a deep understanding of secondary services and possesses the skills to develop tailored strategies that maximize individual potential. 

With a Bachelor's degree in Speech/Language Pathology and a specialization in Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing, Barbara brings a unique perspective to her work. Her academic background complements her experience as a special education teacher, allowing her to address communication and language-related challenges effectively. 

In addition to her Bachelor's degree, Barbara holds a Masters Degree in Special Education. Her qualifications are further augmented by her National Board Teaching Certification. Her commitment to staying current in her field is evident through her active participation as a conference speaker and her membership in DCDT (Division of Career Development and Transition). 

Barbara's notable achievements extend beyond her classroom. She has consistently demonstrated her passion for driving change in the field by sharing her knowledge and experiences through various platforms. Her goal is to equip educators with the tools they need to excel in IEP transition planning. Through mediums such as

podcasts, videos, media production classes, lesson plans, and workbooks, Barbara provides relevant and dynamic resources that support teachers in creating impactful transition plans for students on their case loads. 

Barbara's ultimate aspiration is to inspire stakeholders to envision bright futures for young adults living with disabilities. By fostering a collaborative and empowering environment, she aims to break down barriers and cultivate a society that celebrates the unique abilities and potential of every individual. 

With Barbara Beck as your trusted consultant and advocate, you can expect unwavering dedication, comprehensive expertise, and innovative approaches to IEP transition services. Contact Barbara today to embark on a transformative journey towards inclusive and successful futures for students with disabilities. 

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