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This eBook contains a blueprint and digital resources to support students in special education where teachers provide specially-designed instruction in both REMOTE LEARNING and "In-Person" environments. Find useful information to build 7 pillars to support a platform for students on IEPs, and deliver useful digital resources to deliver specially-designed instruction. Digital content is offered to include the following:

- "My Communication Style"

- "My "Student-Led IEP"

- "My Incentive Plan- Data Collection System"

- "My Social Solutions" to support PBIS

- "My Transition Plans"

- "My Transition Portfolio" Pacing Guides

- "Time Tracking Google Sheet" for tracking SDI Service Minutes

...and MUCH MORE!


Comprehensive portfolio planning for secondary students with disabilities. Includes supplemental material with activities that prompt students to self reflect and assess their personal strengths, interests, and needs as they relate to the world of work and living more independently. Activities promote self-advocacy and self-determination as students prepare for an adult transition program or to work directly with a qualified employment vendor. Prepares teachers and case managers with narrative to support the person-centered post-secondary planning section (Transition tab) in the Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Maintains person-centered planning throughout entire portfolio. I highly recommend adding this portfolio to your library of transitional resources.

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Barb Blakeslee Beck, M. Ed., author and founder of MyKey Consulting LLC, has developed a highly effective person-centered program which is the first step toward supported progress in transition services. 

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