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The Keys to Post-School Success

Guiding teachers, parents and young adults through the transition to adulthood

My Key Plans empower parents and teachers to support young people with disabilities to make independent choices in the transition to adulthood.

Enabling positive post-school outcomes

My Key Plans is dedicated to helping children and their parents transition from childhood to adulthood with the skills and knowledge necessary to take control of their lives. By following our program you and your child will create a personalized transition plan and support network that ensures a successful transition to adulthood. 

Our Keys to Success for Your Students

My Transition Portfolio

(Teacher’s Edition eBook)

Comprehensive Teachers Edition provides pacing guides, lesson plans and 14 Keys to deliver instruction. Many additional resources for community-based instruction. It allows student voices to be heard and preferences known in pursuit of positive post-school outcomes.

My Transition Portfolio

(Student Fillable eBook)

A series of 14 Keys like “Know Yourself Well”, “Find Careers that Match You” and “Lead Your Own IEP” are each developed to draw out individual preferences and in turn create opportunities rooted in systematic goal-setting.

Listen to the

FAST 15 Podcast!

Hear from our special education champions from across the country who have dedicated their lives and are finding success with Functional Academics from school to adulthood.

About Barb Blakeslee Beck

Barbara (Blakeslee) Beck, M. Ed., author and founder of MyKey Plans for Teachers has developed a highly effective person-centered program, which is the first step toward supported progress in transition services. My Transition Portfolio is unique in its design and is a long-awaited platform for students, teachers and parents alike. It has the potential to change the way we view transition planning for young adults with disabilities by way of an invitation into the invaluable process of developing their own dream.

Testimonials from our Clients

“I love your transition portfolio and so do my students. I don’t know if you remember but you gave me a whole box of them a couple of years ago through our mutual friend/colleague and we work in them all year long!  By the time my students leave me at 19 years old and go to our district transition program they are leading their own IEPs and speaking up for themselves."

Peggy Haskey

Special Education Teacher

My Transition Portfolio is PERFECT for middle school and high school teachers! The author has written this book to engage the student in every aspect of the planning process AND make them the leader in their own transition planning. Maintains person-centered planning throughout entire portfolio. I highly recommend adding this portfolio to your library of transition planning resources. It's perfect for helping students, parents, and educational teams recognize the students future goals/dreams AND create a plan to help them reach their destination. Need information for the Transition Plan on an IEP? This is the resource for you!

Jeanette Lange


Comprehensive portfolio planning for secondary students with disabilities. Includes supplemental material with activities that prompt students to self reflect and assess their personal strengths, interests, and needs as they relate to the world of work and living more independently. Activities promote self-advocacy and self-determination as students prepare for an adult transition program.  My young adult was able to take their portfolio and helped them to be well prepared to talk with their DVR counselor and also their employment vendor.

 Megan Munroe

Amazon Customer

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