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Key #9: My Culminating Project - Interactive Google Slides
  • Key #9: My Culminating Project - Interactive Google Slides

Key #9: My Culminating Project - Interactive Google Slides


"My Culminating Project" is an exciting and empowering section within My Transition Portfolio, authored by Barbara Beck. This transformative component of the portfolio allows students with disabilities to showcase their skills, achievements, and growth throughout their transition journey, culminating in a project that represents their unique abilities and aspirations.


In "My Culminating Project," students embark on a creative and reflective process that integrates their learning and experiences into a tangible and personalized project. This section encourages students to explore their interests, strengths, and passions, and to create something that represents their individuality and future aspirations.


Students have the freedom to choose the format of their culminating project, whether it's a written report, a multimedia presentation, an artistic creation, or any other medium that allows them to express themselves. This flexibility ensures that students can showcase their talents and skills in a way that aligns with their personal strengths and interests.


Throughout the process, students reflect on their journey, growth, and accomplishments, connecting their experiences to their transition goals and future plans. They have the opportunity to highlight their academic achievements, community involvement, career exploration, and personal development, demonstrating their readiness for the next phase of their lives.

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