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Key #6: My Career Research - Interactive Google Slides
  • Key #6: My Career Research - Interactive Google Slides

Key #6: My Career Research - Interactive Google Slides


"My Career Research" is a dynamic and empowering section within My Transition Portfolio, authored by Barbara Beck. This transformative component of the portfolio guides students with disabilities on a journey of exploration and discovery as they delve into various career options, gaining valuable insights and making informed decisions about their future paths.


In "My Career Research," students embark on a comprehensive exploration of different careers, empowering them to identify their interests, skills, and aspirations. This section provides a structured framework for conducting research, gathering information, and evaluating potential career choices.

Through a variety of engaging activities and resources, students gain a deeper understanding of different career fields, job responsibilities, required skills, educational pathways, and potential growth opportunities. They learn how to explore various industries, investigate job prospects, and assess the alignment between their own strengths and interests and the requirements of different careers.


"My Career Research" supports students in setting meaningful career goals by encouraging them to reflect on their own skills, passions, and values. Students engage in self-assessment activities to identify their strengths and areas of interest, enabling them to align their career choices with their personal attributes and aspirations.

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