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Teachers, Relax! Let me gift you MyKey Plans.

It’s that time of year when we all as teachers just need to take a step back and relax. It’s so tempting for me, as I’m sure it is for you to start planning already for the Fall.

To be truly effective for next school year, I’m going to have to first truly relax and intentionally STOP planning!

Teachers, I hope you can relax as well. Let me gift you with some plans to get started in the Fall.

You just relax.

I saw a great quote the other day that said:

“Teachers don’t get 'time off'… they get a chance to recover.”

Here’s what I know I’m going to do this summer…

Relax, repair, recover

I’m not sure how many times I will be asked this week “what are your plans for the summer?“. After 26 years of teaching I know I can anticipate the question and I already have my answers prepared.

My plan is to NOT PLAN.

I’m going to relax, repair (get a total shoulder replacement…) and recover.

Where would I be as a teacher if I didn’t try to use some analogy to drive home a point?

While I do this process for my shoulder I’ll be doing it for my soul as a teacher as well.

We were all thrown into things the school year that we would’ve never imagined a year ago. Our quest for a new Ed Tech classroom has reshaped our approach to teaching and we all need effective, digital tools if we are going to provide universal design in our new learning environments.

Here’s MyKey PLAN…To gift other teachers 18 weeks of planning to lead students in self-determination and self-advocacy in their individual education plans and transition into adulthood.

YOU can Relax: Follow this link to download a full 18 week plan to walk students through using their own voice and expressive communication.

In the Fall, you can help them discover and share their dreams, their personal story, their strengths and weaknesses, problem-solving, share their preferences and walk through career research and independent living.

Go check it out...and then, RELAX and have a great summer!

All the best, always.

Barb Beck

My Transition Portfolio - Teachers Pay Teachers TpT

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