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My Dream – A Lesson to Replace Fear

My Dream - A Lesson to Replace Fear. 
Students work on developing their dreams and replace fear

My Students Working on “My Dream”

How can we drive fear out of our homes and our lives today?

I woke up this morning thinking about how to support my students in continuing to develop their dreams while the world around them displays fear. Why shouldn’t they get caught up in what everybody else is doing? It’s what is being modeled for them everywhere they look.

How can I provide supports to them that help them to see beyond the faces of fear and continue to develop their dreams?

I decided to share with them some specific activities that they can do to focus on the dreams they have for themselves. Maybe this will work for you as well as you support people from your home, your classroom, or wherever else you may find yourself at this time. Maybe they can quiet themselves at home or get together with a couple of friends and work on a project to develop those dreams. For me, the best thing I can do to combat fear and uncertainty is to shift my focus. I’m going to slow myself down, pace myself and my students through some content to focus on life beyond their current circumstances.

If I am focused on fear of the future, I am unable to Dream. Without dreams, my hope dies.

Lesson Plan: Key #1 – “My Dream”

My Transition Portfolio with lessons to support students in creating positive post-school outcomes.

My Transition Portfolio

This is the project for today that I am sending out to “my people.” Maybe the people you work with and serve are interested in doing the same thing? See below for a lesson to send out to families or to do with your own. This is another tool that you might be able to add in to your daily schedule.

I would love to hear about the dreams people are developing for themselves! Please share and report back.


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