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MyKey Transfers

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MyKey Transfers

Welcome to MyKey Transfers, where every creation tells a unique story. Founded by Barbara Beck, our business is a platform for young adults with disabilities to learn vocational skills in graphic design, storytelling, and communication. Explore our diverse range of transfers, from branding YOUR business story, as well as ideas like pet store-branded dog vests to memorial handkerchiefs for special occasions. Each creation is a collaborative effort that showcases the talent and creativity of our team. Scan Your Story to discover the extraordinary narratives behind each transfer.

How It Works

See how MyKey Transfers can create story-based creations for any occasion.  

MyKey Transfers: Custom Creations

Each transfer, curated by our talented team of young adults with disabilities, tells a unique story. From dog vests for pet supply stores to memorial handkerchiefs for special occasions, our custom creations offer a blend of graphic design and heartfelt storytelling.

Create Your Own Narrative

Partner with MyKey Transfers to customize transfers for your business. From apparel for brand awareness to company swag with QR codes linked to your company's webpage, our team can bring your vision to life. Every customization is an opportunity to support vocational skills development and share unique stories. Scan Your Story to start your creative journey.

About Us


At MyKey Transfers, founded by Barbara Beck, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of young adults with disabilities as they transition from school to adulthood. Our mission goes beyond creative expression and vocational skills development; it's about empowering individuals to transfer and build upon their skills from school to adulthood.

MyKey Transfers serves as a canvas for young adults with disabilities to hone their talents in graphic design, storytelling, and communication, providing a platform for them to extend their skills into real-world applications.

Join us in celebrating not just the remarkable transfers created, but the transformative journey each individual takes as they build a bridge from their educational experiences to the opportunities of adulthood. Scan Your Story to Learn More and become a part of our community that finds inspiration in the extraordinary stories of skill development, growth, and self-determination.

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